A Little About Me

I am a software developer and data scientist living in Los Angeles, CA.

I have a passion for building things, and for finding hidden patterns.

Here's my resume.

Fast Collaboration

My most interesting projects involved working closely with domain experts of all types:
  • analysts
  • traders
  • portfolio managers
  • marketing
  • business development
  • operational teams
  • media content acquisition

Using Tools to Make Tools

The ideal project is the one where you realize that you can't find a canned solution. Time to roll up our sleeves and create new tools:
  • A visual analysis kit for exploration of financial data
  • Movie camera control systems
  • Embedded mobile OS dev
  • Monitoring platform for big data pipeline, backed by graph DB

Life-long Learning

Over the years I've redefined myself and my career multiple times.
  • Contributed to various books
  • Taught enterprise development on 3 continents
  • Awarded CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation
  • Various graduate-level math and computer courses
  • Regularly take Coursera courses


Hulu Metrics & Reporting Tools / Hulu Data Science

The best part about managing a data science team at Hulu is the people. PhDs who obsess about trying every possible solution, developers with extraordinary knowledge of data platform architecture, and others with inspiring contributions to Open Source.

Here are some related public presentations and projects.

slides / video

Hadoop Summit 2014 Presentation

LA Hadoop Users Group Presentation

MetStat Dashboard: JS tool for monitoring Big Data

A Deeper Dive

A Project Narrative

The Burning Question...

There's a question that's been burning in everyone's mind, through the ages. Do drunk people tip better when they ride in a taxi? Read more


Get in touch

Please contact me and send me your questions and comments. | Los Angeles, CA